Custom Built Carpentry in Central Kentucky

You don’t have to settle for the limited selection at the furniture store. Polis Handyman Services offers a much better option: tailor-made pieces created to your exact desires. If you can dream it, our local business can build it. Our custom carpentry in Central Kentucky, allows you to choose the design, specifications, materials used, and much more. The result is a unique and quality piece that lasts a lifetime. Contact us today to discuss building any of the following and more:




Keepsake Boxes and Chests

Murphy Beds

Room Additions



Wall Units

Professional Handyman at Your Service

Polis Handyman Services is proud to be family-owned-and-operated with more than 30+ years of experience serving the locals in our community. Whether you’re looking for a single shelf or a whole new room, you can turn to us for all of your carpentry needs. We take on projects of every size.

By choosing us for your home improvement services, you enjoy a space that matches what you see in your imagination. Better yet, you’ll have furniture that is bound to hold up well with a long lifespan.

Home Tips and Tricks from a Professional Handyman

Cutting Crown Molding

When cutting crown molding, place the molding on the miter saw fence at the same angle it is to be installed, but turn it upside down so that the ceiling edge is on the miter saw’s base and the wall edge is resting on the saw’s fence, and then cope the inside corners.

Silent Screen Door

If your door slams shut with a bang, our handyman recommends placing a couple of short beads of clear silicone caulk along the jamb at a few of the contact points. This will soften the blow. Be sure to prop the door open for a couple of hours after application, to let the bead of silicone dry completely.

Chalk that Won’t Stain

While working on the interior of your house, anything that can eliminate as much of a mess as possible is always a plus. So, when using a chalk line to mark surfaces – such as walls and flooring – use white. Red and blue will permanently stain.

Cheapest Tile Spacers

When laying tile, our handyman tip is to use pennies as spacers instead of store bought plastic ones. Pennies are easier to handle, more uniform and cheaper.